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There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a school and educational area of interest. The first and most obvious consideration is to choose a school that actually offers the program you’re interested in—not every school offers every program. The second area of research you’ll want to consider are the qualifications of the instructors. You’ll be working closely with the faculty over your entire course of study, so it’s important to ensure the members of the department are qualified and experienced.

Why Good Faculty Matter in Music Business Programs

Business: it’s all about communication, teamwork, strategy, and who you know. Music-related business matters are no exception. As you pursue a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or minor in music business, the department faculty are the ones who will be showing you the ropes. The best music business faculty have real-world experience in the field as well as continuous ties to the community. These faculty can open doors for students, and these are the kinds of faculty you should be looking for as you peruse schools. Make sure you arrive at a program that’s invested in growing your ability to succeed as a music business professional.

What Should I Look for in a Faculty Member?

In the world of music business, it’s important to find faculty who continue to have their finger on the pulse of the industry. Many faculty members continue to be consultants, independent business owners, and board members in the field as they education the music business professionals of tomorrow. Ideally, a faculty member is a master educator as well as an accomplished industry professional. No two departments are identical. This is why it’s essential to do your homework even before you apply.

Talking to current students and recent grads is one of the best ways to get an idea of the department culture. You may also, if time and energies permit, decide to visit the school and schedule an individual meeting with an admissions officer or faculty member. Schools are invested in recruiting high-performing applicants. Showing interest in the program is a good way to get your foot in the door. You want to make sure that you’re a good fit for the program, and that the program is a good fit for you.

Who are Some of the Music Business Faculty at the Frost School?

The Music Business Program at the Frost School of Music has developed a core group of esteemed faculty who teach classes in the program. The University of Miami is committed to small class sizes where students are not just a number and the faculty know their students by name. If you are a music business student, you may work with the following professors:

Serona Elton, Associate Professor

Serona Elton, Esq. is Director of the Music Business and Entertainment Industries Program and Chair of the Music Media and Industry Department. A Frost alumna, Elton worked for EMI Recorded Music, eventually rising to work as the Vice President of Mechanical Licensing and Repertoire Data Services. Elton combines the professional with the academic, publishing scholarly articles, providing guidance for Frost student enterprise initiatives, and serving as the Chair of the Florida Bar Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Executive Section and as a Trustee of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. Elton holds a degree in law from the Brooklyn Law School. She has also been involved in developing a J.D./M.M. joint degree at the University of Miami.

Reynaldo Sanchez, Professor

Sanchez serves as a Professor of Music Business and Entertainment Industries as well as Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Innovation. He is also the director for the Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. This growing area of interest at the Frost School examines roots music within the context of contemporary composition. The Bruce Hornsby Program also developed the first full music major to students primarily interested in electronic composition. Sanchez worked on the development of Frost Online, a program that allows master’s level music business students to study in the program remotely. Sanchez serves as musical director for renowned Puerto Rican singer Chayanne. Sanchez also performs and publishes regularly.

Gary Alan Wood, Assistant Professor

Gary Alan Wood is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Music Media and Industry as well as the Director of Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment. Professor Wood’s career began in Minnesota where he was involved in arts administration and public school administration. Wood has served as the Director for Camera of Houston and the Director of the Regina A. Quick Center of the Arts at Fairfield University. Wood has also worked at the Minnesota Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts|Riverfront. With a background in woodwind performance, Wood brings a dual expertise to the Frost School as both an administrator and as a performer.

John D. Redmond, Assistant Professor

Redmond has been involved in the music business industry for over 30 years, and has taught courses at the University of Miami for over 10 years. Redmond is the faculty advisor for Cane Records and Cat 5 Music, both student enterprises. Over the years, Redmond has been involved with a wide variety of premiere industry players including Rondor Music International, Universal Music Publishing, and PolyGram Music Publishing. Redmond’s international reach has enabled him to get involved with the development of Canadian artists like Avril Lavigne, k.d.lang, and Shania Twain. Redmond has worked in contract negotiations, budgeting, song licensing, royalty management, and financial performance monitoring. Redmond’s current business, Publish This, Inc. boasts clients like Universal Music and Sony Music. Redmond brings his extensive industry knowledge to the classroom at the Frost School.

How Will I Know When a Music Business Department is Right for Me?

Attending classes is just one component of completing an academic degree successfully. The mentorship from faculty, extracurricular opportunities, and internships and other enrichment are just as important as any class you finish. As you are researching schools to apply to, it’s essential to consider who the department faculty are and what they’ve achieved. The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami is committed to connecting music business students to music business faculty who are both experienced educators and accomplished industry professionals.

Serona Elton



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Quote I am so passionate about teaching because I know that I am helping to shape the future leaders of the music business, who will find innovative ways to expand upon the connection between the musician, the music, and the listener while ensuring that the cultural and commercial value of music is preserved. Biography Serona Elton is an...

Guillermo Page

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


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Guillermo Page is an Assistant Professor and the Assistant Director of the Music Business and Entertainment Industries Program at the Frost School of Music. Page moved to the United States in 1989 to pursue a career in the music business. While working at an indie label, he attended the University of Miami School of Business, where he completed...

John D Redmond

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


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Quote “One of the joys of my teaching experience is piquing our students’ interest in the various aspects of the contemporary music business industry while introducing them to the multitude of music business career opportunities that await them.”  Biography John Redmond is Assistant Professor of Practice in...

Reynaldo Sanchez



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Personal Quote Music is a peculiar thing. It lives in the air, exists only when performed. Music can be owned but not possessed, felt but not touched, shared but not diminished; it is always different but always the same. Musicians paint the air. I believe that musical traditions should be palettes to be investigated, not merely portraits,...

Gary Alan Wood

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


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Quote “Being on board at the Frost School of Music is the most exciting and fulfilling period of my professional  career. I can share with my students the accumulation of years of work in the fields of music education, arts leadership and management, live entertainment and performance.” “Students here are...