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Internships provide the Frost School of Musi students with the opportunity to learn while doing, gain invaluable exposure to different segments of the music industry, and begin establishing their network of contacts and mentors. Most of our students complete more than one internship before they graduate. Our students have interned in every segment of the music industry. Here is a list of some of the companies where our students have interned over the past 5 years:

AdHoc Events
ATO Records
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Creative Artists Agency
De Wolfe Music
Dynasty Arts
Fox Sports Music
Groot Hospitality
Heavy Rotation Booking Agency
Hot & Messy Records
Jazz at Lincoln Center
Joombas Music Group
Level Group
Louder Than Life Records
Lyric House
Mixtura Productions
Press Here Publicity
Reservoir Media Management
Shazam Entertainment
Sofar Sounds Miami
Sony Music Entertainment
Soundreef Ltd
Space 52
Spirit Music
Spiritual Essence
The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
The Harry Fox Agency
The Latin Recording Academy
The Orchard
The Recording Academy: Florida Chapter
Ultra Music Festival
Warner Music Group
Warner/Chappell Production Music

If you are a music or entertainment company interested in hiring our students as interns, please email us your information by clicking here so that we can share the information with our students. 

Internships are a beneficial element of any music business degree. Employers are looking for individuals who have worked in the field and achieved results. Companies are also looking for candidates who are eager to move up through the ranks, achieving increasingly meaningful levels of responsibility. Does this sound like you? How do you prove it? The answer is through internships.

Which Majors are Eligible for Internships?

Internships are available for any university major. Music business students are lucky to enjoy an established pipeline of internship opportunities. Current students are following in the footsteps of alumni who have interned at various companies and moved on to achieve great success in the industry.

Can I Get Course Credit for an Internship?

The Frost School offers course credit for internships through the Toppel Career Center. Students are required to participate in a TIP orientation before they begin their first internship, though they are not required to participate in TIP a second time if the move on to another internship.

Do Paid Internships Actually Exist?

Paid internships are, of course, desirable for a variety of reasons. Workers deserve to be paid for their labor, even while they’re in college. Though some companies offer unpaid internships, the number of paid internships continues to grow every year. Consulting with the Toppel Career Center can give you a good picture of what kinds of paid internships are available in your field. Paid internships are more desirable, but they are also more competitive. This is just another reason that you’ll want to get and keep your application materials in tiptop shape.

What Kinds of Skills are Employers Looking For?

Many employers are looking for the same key skills, the kinds of aptitudes that allow an employee to greet any new challenge with questions and answers. Some of the top skills current employers are looking for include the following:

  • Intellectual curiosity: Intellectual curiosity leads to innovation. No matter what kinds of responsibilities you’ve been assigned to fulfill, your intellectual curiosity can improve processes, increase efficiency, and affect profits. Eventually, your genuine interest in improvement will be noticed.
  • Resilience in challenging times: Every company goes through both windfalls and challenges. Your ability to maintain resiliency, even as an intern, is an essential quality.
  • The ability to work as a team player: No one, really, works in a vacuum. Your ability to work effectively as a member of a team is worth its weight in gold. You will get plenty of opportunities to practice teamwork as a student. You’ll be able to bring this skill to bear in your first internship.
  • Consistency: You’re more likely to be given greater levels of responsibility if your employer knows that you will produce the same level of quality every time. Cutting corners and taking the easy route will put you on the fast track to stagnancy. Consistency manifests in small and large ways. It is a skill you can begin to build today.

How Can I Turn My Internship Into a Job?

Many students are interested in figuring out how to turn their internship into a job. Some employers do establish a clear pipeline: if you successfully complete the internship, you will be offered a full-time job upon graduation. It’s far more common, though, for the hiring process to happen organically. Your job as an intern is to establish yourself as a team player that the company cannot live without. Your bosses will want to keep you on the team on a more permanent basis. You never know: sometimes, a former boss will hire you years from now on a different team in a separate company. This is just one of the reasons why maintaining good professional relationships is imperative.

Things to Know Before You Apply

Once you find a great opportunity, it’s time to apply! But before applying, you’ll want to take time to do your homework. The time you invest into the process now can make a difference between a successful experience and an attempt that doesn’t work out. Some of the considerations you should make during the application process include the following:

Revamp Your Resume and Cover Letter

Nearly every internship will request a resume and cover letter. Some individuals who are just beginning their careers think that they don’t have a lot to include in these materials. When you dig deeper, however, you may be surprised about how much there is to include! The Toppel Center conducts resume advising every week for students who need a resume refresh as well as students who have never created a resume before. Depending on the internship you’re applying to, you can also have Toppel help you create an online portfolio of past work.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Most professionals will tell you that job interviews never really do get easier. It’s a good idea to practice in mock interviews no matter how many jobs you’ve worked previously. The Toppel Career Center offers students mock interview sessions so that you can troubleshoot your weak spots and play to your strengths. The Center does not limit how many times you can practice interviewing.

Do Your Homework on the Company

Visiting LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other online resources is a great idea before you interview for your internships. These sites can give you insider information about the company culture, achievements, and current projects. You may also want to do a quick, general online search for the company. This research may give you some valuable information you can use during the application process.

Talk To Your Mentors

It’s very possible that your mentors and professors will know people who work at the company where you’re hoping to intern. They may even know the person who will interview you! Before you apply, make sure to consult with multiple mentors. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask them if they know anyone who works at the company. It’s likely that you will receive extremely valuable advice during these conversations.

Where Can I Find More About Internship Opportunities at Frost?

The Toppel Career Center at the University of Miami connects music business students with internship opportunities. Before graduation, most music business students participate in at least one internship. Some of the most successful students are able to take advantage of multiple internship opportunities. It’s important to begin the internship preparation journey early so that when opportunities arise, you can take advantage of them. Career Services and your advisor and mentors are invested in helping you work towards your career goals. Internships are an important component of this growth process.